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General Resources

UW CSE Group - Facebook

Most events from COM2, WiC @ UW, SAC, Q++, GEN1, MiT, and other Allen School RSOs are posted in this Facebook group. To access this Facebook group, you must first join the UW Facebook Community with a verified or account. Email us at if you have trouble joining!

UW CSE Class Schedule & Advice - Facebook

This is a great place to ask questions about specific classes and professors!

UW CSE Majors Discussion Board - Ed

The discussion board was recently created by the Allen School Advisors and is a good place to ask questions or learn something new from what others are asking.

UW CSE Career Discussion Board - Ed

The discussion board was recently created by the Allen School Advisors for specific career-related discussions, such as internship and resume help.

UW CSE Undergraduates Medium Page

Our Medium page contains helpful resources and articles about internship prep, how to navigate a virtual quarter, and more!

UW CSE 300-level Course Guide

Created by the Allen School Peer Advisors, this guide contains information about most 300-level courses. The document is a few years old, so some courses (such as CSE 340) are not included.

UW COM2's CSE Survival Guide (2018)

This contains a collection of advice from COM2 Officers over the years, although some of the information is a bit outdated.

UW CSE Advising

Schedule an appointment with advisors at this link! Their office is located at CSE2 170 (proceed straight from the entrance of CSE2).

UW CSE 2022 - 2023 Teaching Schedule

See which courses are offered and which professors and lecturers are teaching during any quarter of the year (excluding summer). Note that the schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

CSE Account Management

Create a brand new CSE account or manage your password at this website. Having a CSE account and email address is necessary for accessing forms, documents, and other important resources that are only accessible to students in the Allen School.

UW Allen School Homepage

Resources for Remote Learning

UW Coronavirus Resources Part 1 // Part 2

These pages contain links to academic resources, student emergency and financial aid (CARES Act), and call centers, among other useful information.

UW Coronavirus FAQ for Students

This contains answers to frequently asked questions from the university about remote learning, accessing technology, and how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Student Technology Loan Program

The Student Technology Loan Program (STLP) allows students to borrow laptops, tablets, or other technology for free. The best way to stay up-to-date is to like their Facebook page, where they will post announcements about new equipment and special hours.