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Our mission: to make UW CSE feel like home.

Computing Community @ the University of Washington is a UW RSO dedicated to building community in the CSE department.

We are the largest student-led organization at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering and an official student chapter of the international Association for Computing Machinery. As the world's largest computing society, COM2 strengthens the profession's collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, professional development, and recognition of technical excellence. Our chapter aims to bring the motivation and spirit of this organization to our school campus through career and academic support, mentorship, and community-building initiatives.

We collaborate with other student organizations in UW CSE, including SAC, ACM-W, GEN1, MiT, Q++, and Ability.

What We Do

Every year, hundreds of Allen School community members join our quarterly, department-wide socials: Fall Fest, Winter Ball, and Spring Barbecue! Meet students and faculty, enjoy free food, and make lasting memories at UW CSE's major events.

Department-Wide Socials

The COM2 Big/Little Mentorship Program pairs Littles (new CSE students) with Bigs (returning CSE students) to ease students' transition into the Allen School.

Mentorship Opportunities

We organize career and academic-related events to help you reach your goals, such as interview prep, resume workshops, research talks, networking events, and more.

Career and Academics

We host smaller, informal social activities throughout the quarter, from arts and crafts to trivia contests. Take a break from homework and have fun with peers.

Recreational Activities

Join us for some friendly, fun, and fierce competition with your CSE friends! In the past, we've held activities like dodgeball and badminton games at the IMA.

Athletic Events

Hungry? The COM2 Lounge in the Allen Center basement is home to Snack Overflow, our 24/7 underground convenience store. We have tons of snacks and drinks, so come by and check out what's in stock!

Snack Overflow

Latest News

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Have a question that isn't answered here? Feel free to contact us at anytime!

The UW Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery is an RSO at the University of Washington aimed at improving the student experience at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. We host various events for CSE students, which help connect students with peers, faculty, staff, and industry, and provide them with the resources and skills they need to succeed.

All current UW CSE undergraduate students are welcome to join!

You can attend most of our events! During an in-person quarter, we require paid membership for COM2’s large departmental socials only (Fall Fest, Winter Ball, and Spring Barbecue).

During a virtual quarter, we do not require paid membership for any of our events - all students are welcome to attend our events for free.

You can find out about upcoming events on the events page, or by subscribing to our mailing list, or our Instagram page.

We are always in search for volunteers for our three major annual events (Fall Fest, Winter Ball, Spring Barbecue). If you're looking to get even more involved with the planning process of our events, you can apply to become an Executive Officer during spring quarter, or Associate Officer during fall quarter. Keep an eye out on our social media for these opportunities!

Yes! There are many clubs that explore related interests on campus, such as HuskyTech, DubsTech, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and DubHacks.

Get involved in the UW CSE community.